2017 The 4D Nucleome
2017 An Algorithm for Cellular Reprogramming
2017 Genome Architecture Leads a Bifurcation in Cell Identity
2017 4D nucleome Analysis Toolbox
2017 Insight into dynamic genome imaging: Canonical framework identification and high-throughput analysis.
2017 Nucleome Analysis Reveals Structure-Function Relationships for Colon Cancer.
2017 Emergence of function from coordinated cells in a tissue.
2017 Chromosome conformation and gene expression patterns differ profoundly in human fibroblasts grown in spheroids versus monolayers.
2017 Advanced Research and Data Methods in Women's Health: Big Data Analytics, Adaptive Studies, and the Road Ahead.
2017 Parental allele-specific genome architecture and transcription during the cell cycle
2017 Genome Architecture Leads a Bifurcation in Cell Identity
2016 The Pitchfork Bifurcation
2016 Mathematics of the Genome
2016 Dynamic tensor time series modeling and analysis Decision and Control
2016 Spectral identification of topological domains.
2015 Periodicity of nuclear morphology in human fibroblasts.
2015 Functional organization of the human 4D Nucleome.
2015 Chromosome conformation of human fibroblasts grown in 3-dimensional spheroids.
2014 Transcripts Involved in Calcium Signaling and Telencephalic Neuronal Fate are Altered In Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Bipolar Disorder Patient.
2013 Genome-wide methylation profiles reveal quantitative views of human aging rates.
2012 Multivariate detection of gene-gene interactions.
2012 What can systems theory of networks offer to biology?
2011 Losing control: cancer's catastrophic transition.
2011 Dynamics and control of state-dependent networks for probing genomic organization.
2011 On emerging nuclear order.
2010 SEWAL: an open-source platform for next-generation sequence analysis and visualization.
2010 Networking the nucleus.
2009 The emergence of lineage-specific chromosomal topologies from coordinate gene regulation.
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2008 Hardy's "Small" Discovery Remembered.
2006 Functional consequence of mutation in rat cardiac troponin T is affected differently by myosin heavy chain isoforms.
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